Design Phases at Pongratz

Concept Phase

Pongratz Engineering currently provides product development and design services to many different industries and design markets. Services include:

  • Product specifications, key design features, marketing requirements
  • Concept generation
  • Technology research, patent drawings
  • Industrial design
  • Concept models

Design Phase

Pongratz Engineering’s experienced product design team can bring ideas to fruition. We have years of experience providing services, such as:

  • Product design, concept through production
  • Part design including: injection-molded plastic parts (use of advanced surface modeling), blow-molded, die-cast, machined, and sheet metal parts
  • Finite Element Analysis using CosmosWorks in conjuction with SolidWorks, part and assemblies
  • Prototypes, hand built and FDM rapid prototype machine
  • EE, software, hardware, PCB design and layout, resources available
  • Project management
  • Schedule creation, Microsoft Project

Implementation Phase

Pongratz Engineering doesn’t stop once the product is designed. We provide services and support to get products into low- and high-volume production.

  • Complete product documentation (parts assemblies, BOM, NPI, current product support)
  • Contract manufacturing and vendor selection
  • Product testing, fixtures, test plan, data collection and interpretation
  • Other services offered via consultant connections: Electrical Engineers, Industrial Designers, PCB design, software, and machine services
  • Manufacturing resource coordination

Current Product Support

Working with existing products is also among the services offered. Commonly we are asked to address the following issues:

  • Cost reduction
  • Solving current product issues
  • Assembly procedures
  • Fixturing