Benefits of working with Pongratz

Complete Peace Of Mind

What does that mean for us? In short, we’re not happy unless you are happy. This is our guiding principle and we get there by delivering winning product designs, on time and on budget.

In house, we employ a team of gifted individuals that can adapt to the culture of your company. We are accustomed to integrating into your existing team or working independently and taking care of all aspects of a product development project.

Product design is by humans for humans. All of the people that will be involved with the product need to be taken in to consideration. This means everyone from manufacturing to the end user will have an experience with the product. We strive to make that experience a good one. It sounds simple, but has profound effects.


Every project is an opportunity to create a new reality and our chance to help you change the world.

Give us a call. We answer in-person—we like to talk to clients and help solve their problems. We are always interested in learning about new ideas, techniques, and technology. Please share your ideas with us, the initial consultation and project quote is free.