Why Your Design Team Should Act Like a Boy Band

by Yvonne Ng

When looking at different design firms for your industrial or engineering design work, look for a group that acts like the latest boy band.  Why would you do that you ask? It will produce the best chance of your product being a “hit”.  Every boy band is composed of up to 5 different archetypes, as your design team should be for best results.

Boy Band Archetypes

First, there is always the bad boy in the band.  In the engineering world this is the person that takes risks, looks for different solutions to problems and rocks the boat.  This person needs to be there to get the ideas flowing on new products and think outside the box for solutions to different challenges.

The second member is the innocent one.  This is the member of the team that hangs back and takes in all the information.  They will pipe up with elegant, simple solutions and design ideas.  With meticulous attention, they will nail down every detail and makes sure it ends up on the documentation.

The third member is the strong, silent type.  The member that keeps everyone in check so crazy ideas don’t get out of control and keeps the project moving forward.  Numbers and calculations are relied upon when challenges arise and solutions need to be found.

The class clown is the fourth member, bringing levity to the group and ensures the team is in high spirits during the project.  They might break up meetings with a quick joke or make a serious brain storming session a little lighter with a quick one-liner.

The last member is the hot one.  Typically the face of the team and voice, they will present ideas and solutions for projects. Their confidence will also help in pushing some strong ideas through and weeding out inferior designs.


After reviewing the archetypes, you may find that two or three of these arc types are found in one person.  A group of three or four people can easily cover all the bases.  With this group of people, there will always be checks and balances as everyone plays off their strengths and contributes to the project.

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