Pongratz Engineering: Founding Partner of Lab 651

Pongratz Engineering is greatly expanding its capabilities by teaming up with Forcient and Recursive Awesome to form Lab|651. Lab|651 is an engineering consortium that offers an exceptionally broad range of services that include: Electrical engineering (Forcient), Software (Recursive Awesome), and Pongratz Engineering will head up the mechanical and industrial design. Having all these capabilities under one roof will position Lab|651 to take on projects that are rarely handled with no “out of house” subcontracting. This new team will be focused on “connecting the physical world to the digital universe” says Rod Landers of Forcient. “We’re seeing explosive growth in the Internet of Things (IoT), from home alarm systems to oil pipelines, and Lab|651 is poised to help businesses innovate with their products in that space,” Troy Pongratz, a founding partner said.

Often when an Electrical or Mechanical firm gets large enough they bring in other disciplines, but their process and company culture stays rooted in their core competency hampering the other groups. Lab|651 is a more intentional business model from the start. “We each maintain our own businesses, but when projects come in that need more than one discipline, we’ve already worked out the logistics and workflow, creating better efficiencies, as well as being able to draw on the synergy that our diverse businesses offer,” Pongratz explained.

“Some of our clients were frustrated with a more traditional business model when trying to bring products to market. Few businesses are effective at managing all these areas of expertise under one roof and clients were telling us it takes too long to get a product completed, and there were layers of bureaucracy. Lab|651 eliminates all that by maintaining separate businesses that work as a consortium,” Pongratz said. This keeps each of us focused on what we do well so we can stay as fast and efficient as possible says Justin Grammins of Recursive Awesome.

Pongratz Engineering will continue offering product design and development services, in addition to working as a part of Lab|651 on products requiring multiple disciplines. To learn more about Lab|651, contact founding partner .

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