Tools to get the job done

Pongratz Engineering offers a wide range of services and has years of experience bringing products to market. Our talented team has learned to be intuitive, adaptable and solution oriented. “Engineering is achieving function while avoiding failure” – Henry Petroski.

Industrial Design

At the start of a project, it is difficult, if not impossible, to begin without an established vision of the final product. This can be a paralyzing problem—one we have learned to overcome. Our Industrial Design process will weigh in all the competing requirements and funnel them down to a clear and winning design.

Product Design

Full services are offered to bring the product design from concept to a tooling ready state. All aspects such as material selection, part design, vendor selection, and documentation, etc. are covered. We can work as part of a team or offer a full turn-key solution.

Implementation Support

Once the product design is fully developed, it still needs to be implemented into manufacturing. At Pongratz, we are accustomed to generating documentation, assembly procedures, Bill of Materials, and helping with regulatory agencies to make this happen. We have developed many industry contacts through our resource network to facilitate this transition.

Product Support

Once the product is ramped up into production, Pongratz Engineering is often called upon to solve current products issues such as: cost reduction, quality issues, and design changes related to high volume manufacturing. We are able to support the product through its full life cycle.