About Pongratz Engineering, llc

The Pongratz Engineering team provides product design services on multiple levels. In-house, we employ a team of gifted individuals who can rapidly and accurately bring small or large product designs to market.

We can work with finished industrial designs or investigate device and marketing requirements and start from scratch. We also work with existing products to redesign for cost reduction or current product issues.

Frequently, our customers have a good idea of what their device requirements need to be. However, just as frequently, we are a part of developing the device requirements to achieve the best balance between cost, schedule, and performance.

Once the design requirements are set, we leverage design engineering principles, design for manufacturing, FEA, and our design experience to produce a winning design. Documenting this design so that it can be manufactured anywhere in the world is also standard practice at Pongratz Engineering.

We can support the product all the way from concept to high-volume production with both US and overseas manufacturers.

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