Pongratz Engineering Exhibits at Medical Design & Manufacturing Show at Minneapolis Convention Center

by Yvonne Ng

Minneapolis, MN  USA – Pongratz Engineering, a Minneapolis-based industrial product design firm, will exhibit at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Show October 31 through November 1, 2012.  The show takes place at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Pongratz Engineering’s booth number at the show is 1632.

The Twin Cities metropolitan area is recognized internationally as a critical center of industry for medical device manufacturers, featuring the global headquarters for some of the most recognizable names in the business.  Pongratz Engineering has developed a rich history of servicing several of these company’s mechanical engineering needs.  Pongratz Engineering’s owner, Troy Pongratz, MSME, felt it was very important to exhibit at this year’s MD & M Show.  “As much as one third to half of the projects we work on are tied to this industry,” Pongratz explains directly.  “We are excited about exhibiting some of the innovative products we are helping to bring to the marketplace.”

A number of examples of the firm’s engineering prowess will be on display including a product called the SCUBA leg.  This product is designed for a below the knee amputee.  It features a walking and swimming mode and is designed to be changed between modes while wearing full SCUBA gear.  The device, amazingly, can also be retrofitted to an existing prosthetic leg, giving an amputee the option of working with a familiar piece of equipment without the added cost of a brand new prosthetic leg.  Pongratz Engineering is currently seeking patients to assist them with Beta testing the brand new device.